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我地幾個人混合左華人同加拿大人的背景,走埋一齊傾吓嘢食、父母、兒時尷尬回憶、友情、前路等等。 We are people with a mix of Chinese and Canadian background, talking about anything from food, parents expectations, embarrassing childhood memories, friendship to life choices.

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Monday Jan 16, 2023

Host: Samson - How do you do Lunar New Year? The meals? The dos and don'ts? Join us as we welcome the year of rabbit! 在加拿大點慶祝新年呢?一齊來傾吓啦!

Tuesday Jan 10, 2023

Host: Colin - What is your phone to you and what apps do you have? 手機對你嚟講係乜嘢,你部機有乜野apps呢?

Monday Jan 02, 2023

Join us to discuss new year resolutions and how we might make them meaningful.新年願望有用嗎?有乜辦法大啲機會實現呢?

39.Another Year 又一年

Tuesday Dec 27, 2022

Tuesday Dec 27, 2022

What kind of dessert would you compare your 2022? Was it more like a durian or Tiramisu? 你嘅2022過成點呢?如果以一種甜品來形容這一年,會係似榴槤定係Tiramisu呢?

Monday Dec 19, 2022

From 'Winter Solace dinner', to Chinese New Years, which day do you celebrate? And what is your favourite way to get together? 由冬至到新年,大家慶祝邊啲日子呢?你鐘意點樣慶祝呢?

Monday Dec 12, 2022

Host: Joyce - For some, Christmas is a family tradition, and for others it is just another holiday. How will you spend your time? 聖誕係重要節日,定只係年尾一個假期呢?你地會點樣渡過呢?

Monday Dec 05, 2022

Let's share funny winter stories to keep ourselves warm! 愈來愈冬了,不如講下冬天趣事,一起寒中作樂!

Monday Nov 28, 2022

Host: Samson - Like it or not, people get an impression of us by what we wear. But how much attention should we pay to how we dress? 鐘意唔鐘意都好,我地點著衫會影響人地點睇自己。咁,應該放幾多心機去諗著乜衫好呢?

Monday Nov 21, 2022

Aisle seat, turbulence, delays, transit...what are some of your memorable flight experience? 訂位、氣流、延誤、轉機...你有沒有乘搭飛機的難忘經驗呢?

Monday Nov 14, 2022

Host: Samson - November is getting cold. Join us to hear an update from Joyce, and stay warm everyone! 來聽聽Joyce搬到Quebec的生活,還有,十一月冷得很快,記得保暖呀!

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